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          尼的曼除塵器FlexFilter 13 and 18濾筒除塵器
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          尼的曼除塵器FlexFilter 13 and 18濾筒除塵器由鍍鋅鋼板制成,并用螺栓連接在一起,這使得它成為其他高真空過濾器的一個非常有競爭力的替代品。

          High vacuum filter used in application with a working vacuum of max. 40.000 Pa (5,80 psi)

          The filters are made in galvanised steel sheet and is bolted together, which makes it a very competitive alternative to other high vacuum filters.

          The FlexFilter 13 and 18 can be used in applications where there is a high content of dry dust particles.

          The filter can be supplied with either cartridges (UniClean) or cassettes depending on the air flow, the dust type and the dust concentration. The MHFV filter can be delivered in two different heights – type 1300 and 1800.

          The cartridges/cassettes are cleaned automatically by a high-efficiency, low energy consuming compressed air system activated by an integral electronic controller.

          • Easy to maintain
          • Quick release waste bin
          • Quick release waste bin
          • Front service of the cleaning valves, the controller, the compressed air tank and the filter elements
          • Available with cartridges or cassettes

          應用 粉塵, 顆粒物, 沙礫, 煙氣
          證書 CE
          壓縮空氣需求 6 bar
          灰斗容量 50 or 100, or whitout
          過濾方法 脈沖射流
          安裝 室內, 室外
          材料 Housing in galvanised steel sheet (3 mm)
          工作溫度 -20 to 75 Deg. C.
          工作壓力(千帕) Max. 30.000 (4,35 psi)
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